Gamer One

My role: Animation

Client: Gamer One

Agency: Sincere Studio

Stage image: L. Daniel Swakman

Gamer One is an Esports social platform which allows professional and casual gamers to aggregrate teams information, highlight gaming streams, and showcase hardware and achievements.

This series of animations introduces and brings to life the redesigned brand and UI, designed by L. Daniel Swakman and Narta Dalladaku of Sincere Studio, which allows the user a modular, customisable interface and experience.

Photo of a stadium mocked up with Gamer One branding.

Animation to highlight the interaction of the gaming experience with the various 'modules' available within the Gamer One user interface.

Animation to present the new Gamer One logo, with stages to represent an ‘app icon’ state, customisable UI state, player/audience state and, finally, the logo.

Animation to highlight the ‘Box’ branding elements, and the playful interaction between the coloured strokes and shadowed containers.