HelloFresh Order Process UI

My role: Rigging, Animation

Client:  HelloFresh

HelloFresh came to me with an exciting project to recreate the visuals of their app's order process UI within After Effects as a toolkit of Mogrt modules. This allowed for an easy and efficient way to update and localise their videos, keeping their content fresh and relevant.

With these in place, I animated the modules to seamlessly match the live footage featured in their Barrier Content marketing video, capturing the essence of HelloFresh's app in action.

Animation to highlight the interaction of the gaming experience with the various 'modules' available within the Gamer One user interface.

Custom Mogrt controls allow an editor to easily change the dates shown on the calendar (and throughout the other modules) and effortlessly adjust the styling of the text and calendar boxes.

Sliders are utilised to enable the editor to modify the styling of the selected box and text size, as well as adjust the overall stroke width and corner rounding.

Customisable text fields in the adjustable Essential Properties of the Mogrt allow the editor to specify addresses for the 'Change Address' module, making localisation a breeze.