HelloFresh Paid Social

My role: Animation, Design, Direction

Client:  HelloFresh

Working from scratch, and with concepts developed by the in-house team, I created eye-catching templates in After Effects that could easily be adapted to fit the unique messaging needs of HelloFresh's various brands and markets. I then built these templates within the Smartly platform, utilising an external spreadsheet to control copy variations, which enables a data-driven approach to design that allowed for easy iteration and adaptation to different languages, locales, and offers.

The result was a series of dynamic and visually stunning videos that effectively communicated the benefits of HelloFresh's service and how it can make mealtime stress-free and enjoyable. Through the use of engaging motion graphics and sleek design, we were able to capture viewers' attention and leave a lasting impression that translated to increased sales.

With over 10 international markets to serve, HelloFresh's Paid Social marketing team require customised content that resonates globally. Utilising Smartly and Google Sheets, templates pull data from centralised spreadsheets to generate dynamic and highly targeted content that require no further design resources.

This data-driven approach allows HelloFresh to experiment with different messaging and design variations, all while ensuring that content remains highly relevant and engaging to each specific market.

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